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Video Coaching/counseling Empowered by  




                                                                       by Psychology Today

In the busy world that we live and work in, sometimes it isn't possible to come to the office to get the guidance that we need to empower ourselves to be successful and happy. 


ALCC is proud to use our video coaching and counseling empowered by Sessions by Psychology Today. We use Sessions over other programs because they have made a strong commitment to privacy and they are HIPPA compliant. We found it very helpful during the pandemic and clients have the same results of in person sessions. 


If this is your first session, and you are nervous about counseling or coaching, once you  utilize this service to ease you into counseling. Since Covid 19 face to face sessions are very limited. 

Once you have been established as a client, you will receive the information to take advantage of Sessions. You may also use it with an iPhone or Android. 

See you on the Web. 

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